Terms and Conditions

1. General
These general terms and conditions apply to all services and products offered on the website of JHERT BVBA (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and to all agreements with the customer.

2. Prices
2.1 The seller reserves the right to expand the range of products or to adjust prices at any time.
2.2 All prices on our website are in Euro and include VAT.
2.3 The seller cannot be held responsible for any text or image errors.

3. Payment
The customer pays online via Payconiq. We will only prepare the order for collection (or delivery if applicable) after the payment has been successfully made.

4. Collection
After the order has been definitively confirmed, the seller will prepare the order at the specified time.

5. Pictures and Photos
Photos, images, texts and/or other information on the website are published solely for the purpose of illustrating the products offered and are not necessarily a faithful representation of the offer and in no way binding.

6. Password and account
The customer is responsible for every way in which he gains access to the website and also responsible for the use and security of his password. The customer is also liable for the use that is made via the password and the account of the website.

7. Cookies
The website uses cookies to store information about the customer and visitor to the website, such as, among other things, the user's personal preferences when using the website. You can read more about this in our cookie policy.

8. Right of withdrawal
An order is final when the customer clicks on “Complete the order with Payconiq” and has scanned the QR code “Pay with Payconiq”. The seller invokes the law that excludes the right of withdrawal for perishable products or products with a short shelf life.

9. Liability
The customer is responsible for the choice of the products ordered by him.

10. Cancellation
In case of cancellation, the seller is entitled to charge a percentage. In case of cancellation less than 10 minutes before the collection, 100% of the total amount will be charged.

11. Force majeure
Force majeure is understood to mean: any circumstance that falls outside the direct sphere of influence of the seller and as a result of which fulfillment of the agreement can no longer reasonably be demanded.
Examples could be: illness, fire, technical breakdown, government measures, riots, epidemics, pandemics, etc. This also includes defects in the products supplied to the seller.

12. Complaints
Complaints about our products and/or services that are offered on the website can be reported via the form on the website.

13. Disputes
Belgian law applies to all disputes between buyer and seller.