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Asian food cuisine

Asianfood cuisine is inspired by a combination of Asian cuisine (Japan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Hawaii,…). It presents culinary art with the concept of dining in a pleasant atmosphere. On the menu you will find a unique menu according to the chef's concept, from favorites and specialties to dishes with natural and only fresh ingredients.


Futomaki is a thick sushi roll (about 4 cm) with rice and various other ingredients, covered in a full sheet of nori (seaweed). Usually 2, 3 or even 4 different fillings are used, with all kinds of combinations possible



The literal translation for nigiri is 'rice ball'. Small pieces of fish, seafood or an omelet are then placed on these rice balls.


Uramaki is maki turned inside out, a sushi roll consisting of sushi rice, two or three kinds of filling and a sheet of seaweed, rolled so that the seaweed is on the inside and the rice is on the outside.


Technically, sashimi isn't sushi, because it doesn't involve sushi rice. Sashimi is a way of preparing raw fish. For example, wafer-thin slices of the fish are cut with a very sharp knife. You can also eat the sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi.


This sushi you see most often and is the most classic sushi roll. A certain filling, such as salmon or avocado, is placed on a layer of sushi rice. This is then rolled up in a nori (seaweed) sheet, giving you the classic sushi roll.


Poke is diced raw fish served as an appetizer or main course and is one of the staples of native Hawaiian cuisine. In the Poké bowl, the ingredients are grouped together instead of mixed.


Incredibly friendly service. They were smiley and constantly inquired if everything was okay and there was enough. They also advised us where to start. We had friends with us and they were also super enthusiastic and will definitely come back.??

Customer 1

The exceptional? flavors pleasantly surprised us.? Super!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
We have different sushis??  and soups?? tried out?? ...all very tasty? Thank you and see you soon.?
Customer 2

I've eaten poke several times but this was by far the best. The different flavors were really fantastic. ??????
Compliments to the whole team!
Customer 3



How can I pay on site?

In addition to cash payments, we also accept Bancontact and Payconiq.

How can I pay online?

We accept payments with Bancontact and Payconiq in the webshop.

How can I install Payconiq on my smartphone?

1. Download the Payconiq by Bancontact app via the appropriate app store
Search for Payconiq by Bancontact in the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and download the app.

2. Create your user profile
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3. Link your Bancontact card and bank account
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4. You can now pay mobile

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Can I also order by phone?

We know from experience that a mistake can be made more quickly with telephone orders.
That's why we ask to only order online from now on. Can't it be otherwise? Then of course you call.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Where can I find the allergen list of your products?

You can consult the allergen list on site as well as here.

What can you do if your order is incorrect?

We strive to only hand over correct orders, but sometimes things can go wrong. After all, we are only human.
In that case you can inform us immediately via the contact form on our website and we will provide a quick solution.

Are the prices online the same as inside the chip shop?
100%. We do not charge a surcharge for online orders.
Can I eat on site at Frituurwebsite?
Of course. We have both an indoor consumption area and a covered terrace outside.
Until how long before closing time can I order online?

It is possible to place orders up to fifteen minutes before closing time. In concrete terms, this means that on our opening days you can place an order in the afternoon until 1.15 pm and in the evening until 9.45 pm. Please note: during the corona measures, our opening hours may differ. 

Can I create an account?

Of course! If you create an account, you can process your order faster in the future and also view your previous orders.

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